Health In Balance Testimonials

In a recent survey, when clients were asked what do you like best about the business? Responses were:

“Beth’s personal touch and attention”

“Beth was very nice and made me feel incredibly comfortable”

“Wonderful treatment, always address areas that need addressing”

“Non medicine ways to approach better feelings of health”


“After a total knee replacement, I thankfully located Beth Lanzisera. This surgery was major and nothing helped me more than the dedicated massage Beth provided. I went to regular physical therapy, took necessary medication, including pain management. However, Beth’s ability to help me heal was the key to a feeling of well being. Not only was the surgery physically difficult but it was mentally life changing. Beth was my partner every step of the way during this personal process. She is extremely punctual, professional and a wealth of information. She has a tremendous ability to intuit what the body needs and will endeavor to provide her client with every possible skill she can apply.”

‘I would highly recommend Mrs. Beth Lanzisera to anyone who would like to avail themselves of high quality, good value massage therapy. I will always return to Beth for therapeutic massage.”
PJP Union NJ

“I have been going to Beth for over 3 years, every 2 weeks. I have a highly stressful job and a bad back to boot. I always thought massage was a luxury, but have come to realize that it’s really an important part of my health. Beth not only helped me with my back, but we would talk about the importance of nutrition. Because of our discussions, I started eating more protein and fruit and cut down on my carbs significantly. I always knew I should be eating this way, but Beth gave me specific suggestions that I could incorporate into my life. Beth is very professional, a strong massager/masseuse and knows how to manage the time so that you are not rushed and you get your full hour of relaxation.”
WG, Fanwood

“The great thing about going to Beth for a massage is that you know who and what you are getting every time. There is a trust factor there which is really important. Beth has the right mix of talking and getting to know you and then also being quiet and letting you relax. I am a huge believer in combining holistic approaches to health with modern medical care. Massage to me is the perfect way to help your body relax, recover from stress and detoxify without any side effects. For me, massage is a part of my health care and not a luxury.”
CS, Fanwood

“Beth helped me shed the 20 lbs. that found its way onto my body in my mid to late 40s through the combination of sensible eating and exercise program. Now 4 1/2 years later, all but 4 lbs. is still off and I feel healthier than ever. Beth is very knowledgeable, not only about nutrition but also exercise, and through her continuous coaching and support, helps you learn to eat for life. She also has a great sense of humor.”
AN, Cranford

“Beth Lanzisera is a deeply committed nutritionist who sincerely cares about her clients. She is always patient and informative about the newest studies and she provides a wealth of information to you about how to achieve your goals. I consider Beth Lanzisera to be a great nutritionist, a coach that knows how to motivate and most importantly, a caring friend.”
Joanne Gouveia, Cranford, NJ