Learn about the benefits of Therapeutic Massage and a healthy diet.

Therapeutic massage

Therapeutic Massage is an effective treatment to decrease muscle tension and stress that can lead to injury, illness and chronic heath problems.

Nutrition services

Have your cake and eat it too. Cool as a cucumber. Apple of my eye. You are what you eat. The list of food clichés goes on, and there are almost as many clichés as there are diets.

Pricing / Packages

Health in Balance, LLC offers a variety of Therapeutic Massage and Nutritional Service packages for you to choose from.

About health In Balance

As a working mother with three young children, I truly understand the impact of stress, and how the demands of our lifestyle affect our bodies. Most of us are constantly on the go, not allowing much time (if any) to take care of ourselves, or feeling guilty when we do.


Don’t just take our word for it, see what some of our clients have to say.


We have put together a number of nutritional and massage resources to help you achieve better health in your life.

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We believe in what we do and have the certifications to support.

Gift Certificates

Health in Balance, LLC offers gift certificates for both nutrition and massage services. Purchasing them can be done very conveniently online.

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